Soda Crack

Soda Crack

Soda Crack – Crush the tasty candy graphics that will leave you hungry for more. Simple yet, powerful game to play and master. With 150 levels its best game you can play to kill time and as well use the same to train you brain well.
Best hand crafted levels to play. Each levels gives its own challenge to solve. Unwrap delicious environments and meet the sweetest characters and toffies & Candies.

Match 3 or more to crush the candies and increase the soda level. Eliminate all to clear the level. Its Delicious, sweet, chocolaty, brownie, pinky, soda.

Add Soda to your life with this game.


Road Crossing – Never Ending (5 Games)

Road Crossing – Never Ending (5 Games inside)

More mini games are coming inside this game in coming weeks. Bookmark this website.  If you have any queries, or any suggestions or any bugs you found please reply in this website and for sure you will get replies along with possible solution within possible real time.

Road Crossing – Never Ending with 5 games is Endless running, jumping and crossing games. Games is all about saving the chicken from cars, trucks, buses, trains and reach its destination. Road Crossing is a new 3D adventure game with 5 games inside.

How to Cross Road.
Jump on lane by lane by tapping on the screen anywhere. Avoid hitting from traffic as much time as you can. Its that simple.
Its flashy, addictive, challenging, refreshing, adventurous, Colorful, Fun. Chicken by mistake entered city and it needs to pass through by running. Get through the horrific traffic with truck, bus, car or train.

5 Games
1. Classic
2. Santa — With even more stunning graphics and game play.
You will love it.
3. Airport — Need to make sure travelers to cross roads to reach aeroplane strip.
4. Twins — Need to control 2 players at the same time. (Its very very challenging and adds new dimension).
5. Kangaroo — Need to control Kangaroo which jumps 2 lanes at a time. (Jumping new dimension)

Challenge with global users with Cross Roads.
Features of Road Crossing
* Best of colors and 3 D graphics.
* Realistic sounds
* Stunning animations
* Easy to play
* Endless game play.
* Local Leaderboard and global Leaderboard
* 5 Game Modes Classic, Santa, Airport, Twins and Kangaroo